Monday, November 24, 2008

Be:spoke the halls!

If I had to pick, my absolute favorite nights at roll: are the Be:Spoke bike events that we've been holding since we opened. Anyone who knows me knows my personal weakness when it comes to custom builds.Given the option, it's hard to pass up on the level of absolute 'one-offishness' (is that a word?) and damn fine handsomeness(?) you can achieve in building a custom bike. Some people will tell you it's all about the precision and ride quality and achieving the absolute fit. I get that too, but a career in design makes me a form AND function kind of person. Forget 'warm woolen mittens' this holiday, here's a couple of my favorite things.

Reply to this post with pictures of what you have, what you'd like or what ever inspires your bike lust.
I've shown you mine, now you show me yours!




Anonymous said...

Coming from one of the handsomenestest guys I know, yes, you should be allowed to use the word one-offishnestest! Look forward to Be:spoke!

Sharpie said...

I love my custom Ti hardtail, and after years of "settling" on a factory XL frameset, am never going back to a standard bike. LOVE IT!